Thursday, August 12, 2010

Canada Youth (CYN) Camp

Two youth camp has been scheduled this year for JIL Canada - Eastern Canada youth camp composed of JIL Ontario and Quebec delegates just completed last week and the Western Canada camp composed of JIL BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Seattle, WA delegates started today until Sunday.

Their theme, "Significant Generation" is a declaration of their intention to make a difference through Jesus Christ. It is through this kind of gatherings that new leaders are produced to take on the baton to carry towards the next generation.

To involve the young people towards fulfilling the Great Commission at their age now is a must. The church has a responsibility to challenge them through this events. Seeing how God calls and choose the next generation of church leaders is very exciting to see first-hand.

I am very excited to see and become part of what God will do to these young people. I was once a young person also that led many other young people to the Lord and it was such a great time. They were opportunities towards God's plan for my life then and has continued up to this time. I intend to become significant in the lives of the young people that the Lord will bring along my way as much as I can.

This is my passion and will continue to do so until Jesus comes or until my departure from this earth, whichever comes first.