Friday, June 24, 2011


“Little Becky had just finished eating supper with her mom and dad. When her dad went upstairs to brush his teeth, Becky followed him and sat sheepishly on the counter. At first she just sat there. Finally, her conscience made her speak. "Daddy, I don't like broccoli."

"I know," said her father, "But broccoli is good for you and that's why I insisted that you eat it. You did eat it didn't you?"

Becky was quiet again for several seconds. At last her guilty conscience insisted that she confess. "I ate it daddy, but I didn't swallow it." Then she showed him that the broccoli was indeed still tucked away in the corner of her little mouth.”

Hearing this true little sketch from Becky's life, anyone can identify with her. Many times we read in the Bible a command from God or He impresses upon us some other way concerning a corrective action He wants us to take. We delight to hear God speak to us, but we are not always so delighted to take the steps of obedience He is laying out for us. We eat the broccoli, so to speak, but don't "swallow it" by actually doing what He told us to do. We don't put it into action. James tells us that we are to be doers of the Word and not merely hearers who delude themselves (James 1:22).

What about you? Do you take "bites" of God's instructions for your life, and then not "swallow" it? Do you take just enough to ease your conscience, but then not put it into practice so that it will bring the necessary changes and growth? The proof of whether or not we are really "swallowing" or appropriating God's word is the demonstration of the benefit that will be there if we are. Development and change will be evident in our daily lives.

Having the desire to receive bite-sized instructions from God’s word will provide the necessary nutrients to overcome any challenges that we will face. Looking from God’s perspective: challenges become opportunities and stumbling blocks become steppingstones. This is the kind of mindset that God wanted anyone to attain. Is it impossible? The Scripture clearly states, “Everything is possible to those who believe!” The only thing that will usually hinder is the “I can’t” attitude.

Looking carefully at what God has provided us in His word, He has given already what we needed to do. An allocated time to read His words daily will assist us in accomplishing His purpose and plan for our life. Furthermore, He holds the keys towards successful living. And it is made available to us within our reach but He must be obeyed wholeheartedly. Without a wholehearted attention, everything will be fruitless and it must be done His way to receive the complete package of blessings.

How many times that we miss it due to our disobedience and stubbornness? Is it too many to count? Then, begin to assess where you are now and decide to receive God’s bite-sized instructions for successful living. How? By being an empty vessel with hunger and thirst for God’s word, then, it becomes a direct invitation send out to God’s attention. He will meet us where we are. And when it takes place, stand attention for He will open the door to enter in.

Remember this simple fact: God will never give us anything that will not assist in our maturity and development. Although we may not understand completely the logic of what is happening to us, but in due time, it will all make sense. For now, it must be enough to know that whatever situation we are involved is good for us. In addition, never pre-judge anything immediately as bad or good. Because when we do, we show our true colors of mistrust and suspicions based on our own biases. Just go through it holding on to God’s promise and instructions and you will be just fine. Therefore, no matter what you are going through right now, bitter, sweet or bittersweet, always know that He will never leave us nor forsake us especially if our life is in His hands. He will not let you go no matter what. That’s a guarantee!

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