Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finding Satisfaction

Dr. Hans Selye researched and popularized a tiny membrane in the back of our head known as the RAS: Reticular Activating System. Your RAS has a primary function: it moves you in the direction of your dominant thought at that moment. We naturally act on what fills our minds. When we become preoccupied with a thought, eventually we want to act on it. This is what many are trying to do in their lifetime…find satisfaction. You will notice that people are leaning towards this direction. When they change job, buy clothes, new cars and many others…the main idea of it all is to satisfy what is missing and what they do not have. Especially when one compares what they have and what others have, that’s when the spirit of dissatisfaction begins to manifest strongly. The urges within becomes a nagging feeling that something must be done in order to be satisfied and to have what others have becomes the dominant thought and course of action. Thus, all energy and attention are fully utilized in obtaining the desires and its wants.

Former CBS anchor, Dan Rather, found himself unprepared for a television interview with Mother Teresa. Ron Mehl described the encounter this way: "All of Dan's standard approaches were inadequate. And the little nun from Calcutta didn't seem inclined to make his task easier. "When you pray," asked Dan, "what do you say to God?" "I don't say anything," she replied. "I listen." Dan tried another tack. "Well, okay...when God speaks to you, then, what does He say?" "He doesn't say anything. He listens." Dan looked bewildered. For an instant, he didn't know what to say. "And if you don't understand that," Mother Teresa added, "I can't explain it to you."

You may find yourself bewildered like Dan Rather with that kind of response. It might seem odd yet Mother Theresa found her satisfaction in the area of praying this way. It is not about the words you say or how many words you’ve said but the fact that there is a feeling of satisfaction in what you do. You see, to find satisfaction in life, stop looking at others and begin to see what God has given you at the moment. Never measure what you are and what you have with others. That’s where we miss the whole point of life and living. It is not about competing with your neighbor or anyone else for that matter. Nor making them the measurement of what you need to attain. My point is this: God did not make us to compete with others but to find satisfaction only from Him.

Remember that life is too short to be spent in pursuing the things that we cannot achieve in this lifetime though how hard we may try. Look around you and see how much we have already…family, friends, shelter, food, employment, clothing, money (though not plenty!) and many others. Jesus gave a stern warning in Luke 12:15, ‘Then he said to them, "Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions."’ (NIV)

How true! What we have is not our life but they are part of our life. Therefore, begin to evaluate your life’s satisfaction. Where is it now? Have you found it or still looking for it? Try Jesus. You might find it only in Him and through Him.

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