Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just Got Back..(JIL Australia and JIL New Zealand)

The past two weeks were spent in Australia and New Zealand to attend the JIL International Summit in Sydney and to minister to the JIL Auckland congregations. Both were successful events with God’s mighty blessings and favor abounding. There were more or less 150 delegates outside of Sydney coming from 11 countries including the Philippines who’ve attended the Summit. And everyone was excited to be in Sydney for the first time. It was a three jam-packed days of Word, worship and fellowship. Truly an exciting event to see many JIL people gathered in one place for one purpose and that is to have a “Significant Impact.”

A big thanks to the JIL Australia family for their efforts and sacrifices to make this event a successful one. Your labor will never be in vain. Keep it up!!

We were at JIL Auckland with 39 delegates from JIL Canada and JIL USA after Sydney to meet the JIL people as well. And it was a four day tour with a Sunday fellowship also.

A big thanks to JIL Auckland especially to Ptr Nilo and the leadership for their time and effort to provide a personalized tour for all of us who came…

It was such a great time to be in another country. The warmth of the JIL people in both countries are exemplified by their care and concern for their family members who’ve come to visit them. God will bless you indeed!!

The next two major events announced will be an Educational tour in Israel in 2010 and another JIL International event in Vancouver, Canada on 2011. Don’t miss this two exciting events and make your preparations now…Until next time…I’ll try to post some pictures next time..