Friday, January 21, 2011

JIL Canada Region 3 and 4 Cell Leaders' Conference

God is good! It is a declaration of joy after seeing what transpired in the recent Cell Leaders' Conference in JIL Canada Region 3 and 4. The atmosphere was dynamic as the JIL Life Group Leaders in attendance of more or less 350 showed it. Everyone was filled with expectation for what God is going to do. Even if the weather forecast was snow, it was not a reason to miss such a great event. From the beginning towards the end, it was clearly seen that God was at work in all of the participants including the pastors and coordinators. God never lets you down when He shows up!

A big congratulations to the Regional Pastors, Ptr Bong Gonzales and Ptr Imelda Cari and all the Staff, Pastors and Coordinators including the Life Group Leaders for the success of the conference. Everyone came with a huge excitement. Ptr Monette and I were there to serve as one of the conference speakers and we were indeed blessed with all the participants. Having the 2-day conference held in Niagara Falls was an added bonus. Seeing the majestic falls reminds us all of the wonder of God's creation. It was indeed a grand day!

Pastor Monette and I are truly grateful for the fellowship and the opportunity to serve God and His people in this conference. We were inspired to see that the greater things are indeed possible with those that believe. And we truly believe! The JIL Milestones is indeed a source of challenge but also a great opportunity to see God at work. Get ready to soar like eagles and to seize the day as God's Champions!

Thus, I encourage all to pursue our calling with all diligence and perseverance because our labor will never be in vain. Moreover, it will yield the desired fruit as we release our faith in doing them wholeheartedly. We are in this together and with God, everything is possible!