Friday, March 16, 2012

Just Thinking Out Loud: On Self-Confidence

Having a sense of confidence in all you do is an important component of your self-worth. Without which, will surely lead towards demotivation of any work at hand. What's the anti-dote on this issue? I believe that the primary course of action is to have a clear and honest self-evaluation of what caused the loss of self-confidence. In the first place, what is the source of self-confidence that allows any individual to pursue greater heights and greater things? Is it a reward or an award after the task is done? Or is it a fulfillment of one's calling? Whichever reason will be sufficient to trigger a confidence boost. However, the most important source is not from what will be given to you but what you will give to others when you fulfill it as your calling.

Our task should not be reward-based although it is already a given fact that there is always this aspect. But whether there is a reward or an award should not become the motivating factor because it is always short-lived. What will be long-term is the fruit of one's labor that is based on what will transpire in the lives of others that will become recipient of one's gift in doing the task at hand. This is the most enduring legacy that no reward or award can truly represent. Lives changed as a result is what matters the most to boost any self-confidence continually and consistently.

Let me know your thoughts also.....