Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ministry Update: Pastoral Visit to JRAM Alberta

The past 10 days (January 4-15, 2013) was an opportunity to serve God in two Alberta cities where Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries currently exists. It was days filled with various events focused on strengthening relationships, updates, meetings and fellowships

Both Calgary and Edmonton was in a winter chill and it was really cold. Coming from rainy Vancouver was indeed a climate upgrade. Nevertheless, no weather situation can stop what needed to be done for God’s people. The Church Core Teams’ Symposium was the first event gathering the different Church Core Teams of Southern Calgary. It was a forum to discuss the many updates that they need to be informed. The mood was light and fun. Indeed, proper communication must be done to clarify and amplify the directions forward.

The following day was a joint service of the JRAM Churches from Southern Alberta with more or less 300 people filled with joy and excitement in seeing one another giving glory to God together. It was a great day to rejoice in such a wonderful event. Then, special meetings were done in the last two days with different individuals before heading to Edmonton for the next leg of the visit. The day trip driving to Edmonton from Calgary the following day was not bad at all. The day was especially sunny but a snowstorm was scheduled to arrive later that day and found out that 12 cm fell afterwards.

Upon reaching Edmonton, we had a special dinner fellowship with the Northern Alberta Core Team and we had a wonderful night. The next night was the Church Core Teams’ Symposium with discussion and I believed that all attendees were informed appropriately with JRAM’s status and direction. 

The following day was individual meetings but one of the special events of the day was the special launching of JRAM St. Albert. Seeing how it was started and came together was indeed a blessing to remember. But one distinct feature of this event was the special participation of the congregation and the Church Pastor of Grace Family Church where JRAM would use as their facility. They were there not just to support but also to welcome the JRAM family amongst them and an evidence of unity in action between two church families. A great eating fellowship followed after the service like a feast. God is good!

The next day was another launching of a JRAM Church in Edmonton North using the facility of Living Waters in Londonberry Mall. God was at work in finding this location to become the home of JRAM Edmonton North. The Senior Pastor of Living Waters Church also joined in the launching with his wife and rejoiced with what God was doing. People were filled with joy in seeing another JRAM church family established to serve God’s people. God is at work indeed!

The last days of the visit was spent in meeting key leaders for special fellowship and a chat to catch up for what to do next. This was a jam-packed visit coupled with great time of fellowship and many blessings. Before I forget, a JRAM Bible Study officially started in Fort McMurray with the Huguete family, as the initial seed of what God is about to do in that place. Thus, in this visit, God was at work to proclaim His faithfulness to us who believe in what He can do to those that are fully yielded to His purpose and agenda. Together, we will see greater things have yet to come. Glory to God!