Monday, March 18, 2013

Ministry Updates Part 1: JRAM Southern Alberta Visit

Joint Prayer Gathering - JRAM Southern Alberta
JRAM Strathmore

The first half of our ministry visit for Southern Alberta is done with activities completed this past weekend. It was indeed a great opportunity and a privilege for us to serve God’s agenda for JRAM as a whole. The prayer gathering we had last Friday with JRAM Southern Alberta Churches was an awesome night as God honored our praise, prayer and worship with His presence. God never fails to show up when His people raises their voice in unison to lift up His Holy Name.

JRAM High River
Saturday and Sunday was concentrated on two JRAM locations, namely, Strathmore and High River. Meeting them for the first time was such a mighty blessing for us as we discuss important matters that JRAM is pursuing and have done in the past eight months. Altogether, I believe that the discussion will bear fruit that can only result in pursuing the Great Commission together as partners in God’s Vineyard. Having the occasion to preach in their respective Sunday Worship Services allowed us to serve God’s Word to strengthen all of us to continue with an “Outlook of Great Expectations.”

No one can miss the atmosphere of joyous celebration that can be felt during our times together. It was like a family reunion to say the least complete with sharing meals together and it will not be complete without it. What a great time indeed! I got a boost of encouragement just being with them and I know that Monette felt the same way. Seeing each one with a smile in their faces and deep commitment with excitement in serving God was deeply contagious.
JRAM Strathmore Children's Special Number

JRAM High River Gesture of Appreciation
A huge “Thank You” to all our brethren in JRAM High River headed by Jhon and Elvie Bautista for their warm welcome, fellowship with a gift and gesture of appreciation. Also, to our brethren in JRAM Strathmore headed by Cely and Rene Esteban for such a wonderful time of fellowship for two days complete with meals shared and a great time. In both locations, we felt God’s love and presence among them, our beloved brethren in Christ. Let us continue to do God’s great work with great expectations for “Greater Things Have Yet to Come!”