Sunday, July 21, 2013

Celebrating 1st Anniversary with JRAM Edmonton

Last week, Monette and I celebrated the 1st Anniversary celebration with our JRAM Family in
Praise and Worship led by Joal Abada
Northern Alberta. Everyone was filled with excitement as the program begun. Although there was technical difficulty at the beginning, it did not matter when the Music Team led the congregation of almost 400 people into praise and worship. The place was filled with joy as the celebration started with God lifted up through songs or praise.

It was held at one of the banquet halls of FantasyLand Hotel with their chosen theme” Rise Up Towards Enlargement.” Indeed, an appropriate declaration towards a specific goal in serving God’s purpose. In this 1st year, a new milestone was reached to see how God would manifest His favor upon a newly birthed church. This is a ministry provided by God to those that desired a church family to belong and serve God’s purpose in their lives.
Taken during Preaching

In this celebration, I have realized that in order to experience God’s move, we need to be ready to move with Him wherever He leads us. Emily Prentiss, an American author, well known for her hymn "More Love to Thee, O Christ" and the religious novel Stepping Heavenward, shared this wonderful insight: “God never places us in any position where we cannot grow. When we are not sending branches upward we may be sending roots downward. When everything seems failure we may be making the best kind of progress.”  Experiencing enlargement must be seen with God’s perspective not ours and when we do, that’s when it comes expectedly.
JRAM Northern Alberta Core Team

Thus, JRAM in Edmonton West, Edmonton North and St. Albert will experience enlargement on every level of their ministry life and family with God’s intervention at every level. This is what we believed that would happen as we see enlargement on the horizon with our faith fully intact and our mouth continually declaring t to come to pass. Greater things have yet to come! There’s no turning back but only moving forward towards enlargement.