Monday, November 18, 2019

Fifty Years and Counting: A New Journey of Life

Somebody said, “50 is the age when you look back and smile at what you have achieved, frown at those missed opportunities, and release a slight chuckle at those moments.” 

I've officially entered the golden age; thus, another level of adventure awaits. I believe I’m at the point of seeing life from a top-view perspective. It is simply having an attitude of “I’ve been there and done that” standpoint. Life, as I move forward, becomes a new epic journey. My children are in their 20’s and living out their lives with fullness and great expectations. Also, my wife and I celebrated our 25th year of marriage. Altogether, the year 2019 is a double whammy for my marriage life and my personal life. 

What could be better than this? From a spiritual perspective, it is expecting greater things from God’s and being ready for them one step and one day at a time. Life is indeed great with abundant blessings; however, they are not without challenges. The only difference between facing them is having God at our side. He makes all things possible when things seem impossible. What’s my goal in the next years inching towards the end? Keeping my mind focused on what’s important and valuable as a family man and a disciple of Jesus. Restating what the apostle Paul said: “Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead" and "I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 3:14). There’s no higher aspiration than finishing God’s calling in my life through godly wisdom and biblical guidance. 

From a biblical background, listed below are some of the references I found in the Scriptures about the number fifty: (Source:
      The number 50 derives its meaning from its relationship to the coming of God's Holy Spirit. 
      Fifty can be found at least 154 times in the Bible.
      After Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene on Sunday morning, April 9 in 30 A.D., he ascended to the Father in heaven (John 20:17). His ascension, as a type of firstfruit from the dead (Revelation 1:5), occurred on the day God told the Israelites they were to wave a sheaf composed of the firstfruits of their harvest (Leviticus 23:9 - 11). It is on this day that the count of 50 days to the Feast of Pentecost begins.
      In the New Testament, the word Pentecost comes from the Greek word for fiftieth (Strong's Concordance #G4005). Also known as the Feast of Weeks or Firstfruits, it was on this special Holy Day that God first poured his Holy Spirit upon about 120 believers who had gathered to keep the day (Acts 1:15, 2). They became the firstfruits of God's spiritual harvest of humans. 

Finally, new things are ahead and I’m pretty excited about what the Lord prepared for the next phase of my life and ministry. I’m blessed in fulfilling my calling and serving God’s ministry through JRAM. Being surrounded by mighty men and women in pursuit of God’s best makes it all worthwhile. No dull moment, as one may say. Indeed, greater things are yet to come. 

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As each day comes and goes, I’m fully persuaded that I’m placed exactly where God wanted me at this point in my life. Whatever may happen next, it’s all in His hands. I trust and entrust to God every aspect of my life, whether good and not so good things. It’s all about learning the lessons intentionally and growing in God’s grace daily. This is the day that the Lord has made, and I will rejoice more in the next days ahead. Become excited with me and keep me in your prayers as well. 

Thanks for sharing your time in reading this short reflection as I enter my golden age towards a life that honors God.