Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ministry Trip

This weekend, I am in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada to assist in JIL Alberta Re-Encounter Retreat as part of the JIL 12 Vision and Program for the upcoming Cell Leaders from the different JIL Churches here. Pastor Monette joined me in this trip to share with her given topic. Barry Burgos is also part of the Music Team this time. Altogether, there are 78 delegates to be commissioned and released as Cell Leaders. They are composed of Singles, Couples, Youth and even one Senior delegates. Today is the first day and the Lord has favored us with His presence so far in every sessions done.

What strikes me the most during this kind of event is the many opportunities that the Lord is providing in His Church especially in the Jesus Is Lord Church (JIL). It is a amazing to see men and women decided to become God's servant and workers in His Church. Though it is not an easy task yet there is an excitement that wells up in one's soul for the possibilities of serving as a Cell Leader with people under your care.

The JIL 12 has allowed people from all walks of life to experience the joy of being a leader of a group to fulfill the vision of evangelism and discipleship in them. A Pastor's joy is to see those God placed under their care to fulfill their purpose and destiny. Seeing a one year old Christian go through the program and become a Cell Leader is very encouraging. But continuing to take care of one is always expected. It never ends in being a leader but the journey as one have just began. Guiding and mentoring is an important fact of the journey for both concern.

Applying what one have learned is the most exciting and satisfying yet frustration and discouragement must never be removed from the equation. Both are contributory for the growth and development of the spiritual life as a whole.

Well, this is all I could share from this trip and hope to share some more in the coming days. Thanks for reading and sharing your time with me.

Let's talk again!