Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mission Trip Day 2 (JIL Red Deer, Alberta, Canada)

Last Sunday was an unusual time during the Re-Encounter in Red Deer, Alberta due to my fever attack. The night before was trying to bring down my fever through the usual way of being under blanket until you sweat... whew! It was hot. It helped me and I praise God that there was some relief from it. The morning came and I need to complete my two speaking assignments for the day. It was good that Ptr Monette was with me and this is one of those days that your wife be best there. Or else, I would not know what to do. Thanks Jali!

The day was tough due to chill attacks from the fever but taking some advil and tylenol throughout the day helped. The fever went down before I spoke and sweating while I speak. But the day went alright and excellent. God was there to honor our efforts and labor. Though the people were not made aware of my condition it was not noticed at the time that I had a fever then. Probably it was due to the fact that I was totally energized while speaking. This will be one in my record books of being a preacher, "Preaching with Fever."

Keeping an attitude of faith during this time is an important factor to fulfill the task assigned. Seeing the result afterwards provides me joy in doing so. The 78 delegates were filled with expectation for God's move and God really moved mightily. It was truly a glorious event to see them respond to the challenges of the ministry in JIL Alberta.

Thanks to all of you who prayed for us and labored with us in JIL Alberta. To all the ministering team, you did a great job! God bless us all in doing the best for Him!!!