Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mission Trip - JIL Ontario, Canada

The Area Supervising Pastors of JIL Canada met for three (3) days last June 25-27. It was a very fruitful time of meeting for the direction of JIL Canada Churches. Pastor Evelyn Licayo overseeing JIL Alberta; Pastor Mary Juarana overseeing JIL Manitoba and Saskatchewan; Pastor Bong Gonzales overseeing JIL Ontario and Quebec Churches with his wife Pastor Rose Gonzales; and Ptr Monette and I were there representing JIL BC Churches and as the Regional Supervisor of JIL Canada to deliberate the agenda at hand.

We've arrived last Monday and the next day, we had the chance to visit the newly acquired 3.8 acre beautiful waterfront property of JIL Canada in Oak Lake designated as the JIL Canada Praise Valley Camp, a 1 and a 1/2 hour drive from Toronto.

The past weekend was a special one as well with joint anniversary celebrations of JIL Mississauga (11th year); JIL Brampton and JIL Kitchener (both 1st year) in the JIL Canada Praise Valley Camp at Oak Lake. It was a glorious one that God honored with His presence during the ministering time and prayer. Truly God was there to grace the occasion as His people gathered for this event. JIL Scarborough had their 3rd anniversary celebration the next day that showcased the talents of the JIL people from all levels including from the children’s special live band presentation. The choir was equally talented that gave a special rendition of “God and God alone.” If you have a chance, watch out for the web site release of the celebration in soon!

I believe that God was truly blessed and glorified in these celebrations and I was there to witness it as their Anniversary Speaker. It was an honor to be used by God as His messenger to speak His word to encourage and challenge them.

Altogether, it was a week filled with mighty things both from the meeting and the anniversary celebrations of these JIL Churches.

Thanks for reading and God bless us all!!!