Friday, June 27, 2008

CYN Camp - JIL Vancouver

Last weekend (June 20-22), the Christian Youth for the Nations (CYN) Vancouver had its first camp with 23 young people aged 12-17 using the facility of the JIL Canada Prayer and Retreat Center in Mission, BC. It was filled with exciting things that made every participant both young and old expecting for God's move and He did!!

The Welcome Night (Friday) with an Opening session was held in the existing barn where some CYN leaders came earlier to clean and tidy it up for this event. As you can imagine, it was not at all fun due to the mosquitoes present as well and it was a fiesta for all of them. Before we moved the sessions to the house, Jayson Pingol, one of our CYN leader and a regular Sunday preacher taught a great session which made the CYN alive as he exhorted them. Jayson had the "Barn experience" also.

Recreational events filled the day and that night Pastor Charo Suson of JIL Burnaby Church and the first pastor produced from the CYN, gave a stirring message giving way to God's touch through the prayer of the Pastors and CYN leaders present. Altogether, it was a day to remember with a bonfire concluding it.

Sunday was a special one with Jovi Villanueva-Binalla, a Bible teacher and the youngest daughter of Bishop Bro. Eddie Villanueva, the Spiritual Director of JIL, taught on important guidelines in doing God's will in key aspects of youth life.

Last but not the least, my turn came after lunch with much challenge because it was the dreaded "holy hour" of sleepiness. I tried my best to teach and preach to keep them awake. I even saw some of them covered their faces and dozed off. I said to myself, "I have to hurry up or else, I will have a sleeping youth congregation." The best time of all came when God honored the ministering aspect with His presence and poured out His mighty touch on all of them as they were anointed with oil and were also filled with the Holy Spirit.

Many things happened that words can never described. They left that weekend with a mark of God on their life. It was a mark that they will not forget. Praise the Lord!!!!