Friday, October 31, 2008

JIL Virginia Ministry Update

We just came from visiting the East Coast of USA specifically Virginia yesterday. Pastor Monette and I flew from Seattle last Oct 22 via Chicago to Washington Dulles airport. It was a very early flight at 6 am arriving at 4pm the same day. There were two specific destination that we needed to visit during this trip: Roanoke and Virginia Beach. There were important tasks to do in these two locations and praise the Lord that they were successfully accomplished.

In this trip, we were joined by our resident pastor in JIL Arlington, Ptr Jess Maghacot; Pastor Arnel Aquino from San Diego and Ptra Bless Abalos from Miramesa, CA. From Arlington, we drove to these two locations: to Virginia Beach from Arlington after 3 and 1/2 hours. After few days, we were off to Roanoke for a 5 hour trip. Then, after few days, we were back to Arlington for a 3 and 1/2 hour trip. They were quite exhausting yet they were most beneficial to all of us filled with sharing stories to fill the time. In short, the driving trip was all worth it and there was laughter and fun shared. Will we do it again given the chance? Yes we will!!!

Over-all, this ministry trip opened many doors of opportunity for much learning and wisdom in dealing with key issues at hand. Although there were important activities to attend to, yet we did not miss to visit key places of attraction as well. I will share some pictures next time....

But no trip will be complete without doing ministry time. Last Wednesday being the the last night, I had the chance to share in a joint cell group of JIL Arlington "Seize the moment of God's opportunity." It was also a special time of fellowship and getting to know each other. Though it was our first time to meet the JIL Arlington congregation, the JIL connection was there. Altogether, we had fun especially sharing what God has in store for them after the sharing time and ministry.

Let me extend a big "Thank you" to our host Pastor Jess and his family with the JIL Arlington family for their hospitality, generosity and fellowship. Oh yeah, Pastor Arnel and I even had a a haircut there courtesy of Bro Jomeng....Thanks again!!!!

For the team that was with me, it was a great partnership....Until next trip....JIL Arlington, get ready and prepare, your time has come to do God's mighty purpose!

More to come!!!!