Thursday, November 6, 2008


The arrival of the global positioning satellite (GPS) technology was a welcome relief for many drivers that do not know how to read a map. No matter the variations and brands, it sure helped a great deal. I just recently obtained one for my own use. I have heard about it a long time ago but never had the time to get one until I was in Netherlands and saw it in action. I was fascinated with it and decided that when I came back to Canada, I would buy one just like that. Sure enough, it became a useful tool for me. Just imagine that up to a minimum of four satellites are focused on this little box to guide anyone that uses it.

How does it work? I have listed three things below that I believed this little box initially provided me with;

1. It showed new directions from what I was familiar with.

2. It showed my estimated time of arrival (ETA).

3. While driving, it reminds me of the direction that I need to follow in order to reach the direction I gave.

I believe there are more things beside what I gave but I will learn more as I get familiar with it. But the most fascinating of all was its ability to be a little box with great potential. There are many things that one could discover when explored thoroughly. It was such a great invention that made any driving easier, especially mine. Although, it was also designed to verbalize its commands that borders to being an annoying box yet when one is alone, it becomes a companion to avoid being sleepy at times. I’m afraid that the time of using maps is nearing to be a thing of the past, though most unlikely.

The dawning of the GPS technology has given me quite a lot of insights in daily living. The problem with many drivers like me is moving from what we know and trusting a small box to provide the direction we need. There were times that I felt it was not reliable and even thought of it being wrong altogether. Yet, I was proven wrong many times and gave me many lessons that I want to share with you.

Before he left, Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit for daily living. In John 16:13, Jesus spoke on the Holy Spirit’s job description, “But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.” (NIV) From this, the Holy Spirit became like the GPS given to us by Jesus to guide and provide us of what we need to know according to God’s will. Moreover, he leads us closer to it. But our main problem is this: our inability to listen carefully to his instructions and most of the time we even dare to go against his will.

There were many times that he spoke of God’s will and counseled, “Seize the moment!” Unfortunately, we missed it and went our own way. But like the GPS, when we miss our supposed exit, it will recalculate to tell us the next. And when we ignore its instruction, the result will be delays. The same principle applies when we have the same attitude with the Holy Spirit. Though he will remind us that we missed the mark, he will not give up on reminding us until we follow his way.

Let me share some important insights for you to remember:

1. Believe immediately and never hesitate to follow the Holy Spirit’s promptings. Listen carefully to His voice.

2. Always react positively and not negatively when faced with an instruction that we are not familiar with.

3. Lastly, to attain success in great measure, yield wholeheartedly and not half-heartedly.

God opens many doors of opportunity at the most unexpected time and situations. Therefore, we must always be ready to seize the moment and grab the opportunity to do his will when given the chance. Just like the GPS technology, we are being watched and guided by the Holy Spirit who is able to see ahead of us to reach a successful destination.

Let’s talk again!!