Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ministry Updates-JIL BC Events - Re-Encounter Weekend

Yesterday and today was the JIL BC Re-Encounter with 25 delegates and candidates to become new Cell Leaders. Praise the Lord and they completed their JIL 12 journey including this Re-Encounter weekend. A big congratulations to all of you!!!!! Just keep your eyes on the prize, i.e., Jesus Christ. You have to prepare now for your SOL 3.

It was a complete success full of God's favor and blessings. Our food was prepared by the cooking team from JIL North Vancouver Church... Thanks guys for the best food there is and cheers for the the whole Re-Encounter team headed by Ptr Myra Paguntalan who also celebrated her birthday yesterday and spend it with all of us. Happy Birthday again!!!!

To the whole team...congratulations for spending your time this weekend. May the Lord bless you for your labors....

One could really never know what will occur. What I have learned is to come with a ready heart for what God wants to do. After all, it is His time and will that happens anyway. I was there as His vessel to release His desire and purpose being His servant as well. Together with the teaching team...the experience was all worth it.

Over-all, it was another evidence of God's enduring faithfulness and grace that causes us to exclaim praise and worship to give Him the highest form of glory....Thank God for His abiding presence always...