Monday, November 24, 2008

Personal Thoughts-Undignified Worship

It was a great time what transpired last week in JIL BC Churches. A new level of worship has occurred that swept many of the participants both in the Worship Nights and Worship Breakthrough. Personally, I had the chance to really express myself in ways that I know had given my Lord Jesus a great time as well. I know now that it is called "Undignified Worship."

Just watch this video with the lyrics and you will understand what it means to be "Undignified" in our worship- all for our Lord.

The events that I've mentioned were events that I had the chance to become undignified. Though I may be a Pastor, but I am a disciple and a worshiper of the Lord as well. And my Lord is worthy to be praised in ways that will bless His heart and honor Him even if it seems foolishness to other people watching. It is because I am only concern with how my "Audience of One" thinks and feels. When He is happy, I am happy, too!!