Monday, November 17, 2008

JIL 18th Anniversary Celebration

Seeing that the JIL Church in British Columbia has reached its 18 years is a testimony to what God is able to do with people whose their lives were given to Him. Responding to God's call is an important decision that any genuine believer of God will have in their lifetime. I have responded to God's call to pioneer JIL BC 18 years ago with a handful of people and this time, He is not yet done to show what He could do further.

Yesterday, the celebration was about Him and His faithfulness throughout the past 18 years. However, He is not yet done but each and every year is another opportunity to see new things. This celebration was made special with the commitment of the JIL BC pastors, leaders, workers and congregations from JIL Vancouver 1&2, North Vancouver, Surrey Newton & Fleetwood, Burnaby, Richmond,Victoria, Nanaimo, Multicultural and Whistler.

They've worked hard to make this event successful and glorious. Congratulations to all of you once again for an excellent job!

Part of this year's celebration was the participation of Sis Edith Mendoza, the JIL Worldwide Music Ministry Chairman as the Anniversary Speaker together with the Musikatha Team namely, Paul, Marlon, Graham, Karmi, Dinah, Joan and Joey. The whole atmosphere during the celebration was filled with great excitement and anticipation for what will transpire. And sure enough, God honored our event with a manifestation of His presence during worship, the preaching of the Word and ministering time. What an awesome time it was to be in such a place!

The facility of Red Robinson Theater in Coquitlam, BC was transformed at the moment as place of worship and praise to the audience of One- The Lord Jesus Christ.

What can I say after 18 years? I'm ready and looking forward with excitement and renewed passion to do God's will with God's people in the JIL Church.

Again, congratulations to all JIL people! Be ready for another year of challenge with an overflow of God's mighty favor to all of us!!!