Saturday, January 24, 2009


The latest buzz around the religious or non religious as the case may be was the 800 London bus advertisement of the Atheist/Freethinkers movement as seen here stating "There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy life." When I've watched the video of how it started, it was from reading some scripture verses posted in a website about "Jesus died for our sin and about hell. "They were encouraged to to do the same thing and presented their view in a way that will surely be noticed. It did. And many reacted negatively about it. Through this, Christianity needs to beef up its own presentation of the Scripture and study to defend its belief. Let it awaken us to the fact that there are many movement out to defeat Christianity at its core. By inserting "probably" at the middle of "There is no God" provokes any reader with something to think about. This is a good way to spark a healthy debate if we will focus on the probability of God's existence. Although as the Atheist/Freethinker is concern, the probability is at the lowest percentage. Nonetheless, let us use it to evaluate our own belief as well. Would anyone out there accept the challenge of proving in the highest probability that there is God?

Watch below what they say: