Saturday, January 3, 2009


This New Year brings new things in all aspects. One of which is the start of the JIL Canada National Day of Prayer and Fasting every Friday. To which we have started it from 6pm Thursday until 6pm Friday. Altogether, it was great because I know that I was part of the network from across JIL Canada that made this appointment. That itself provided me an inspiration to become excited about it. It went well for me though I do not know about the others. Prayer and fasting is a spiritual discipline first and foremost. It is to connect to God through abstinence for a certain period of time from physical food. But the main benefit of it is to restrict your physical appetite to allow the spiritual appetite to be stirred to pray, worship and read God's word. This is necessary to retain our focus in our spiritual life. However, there are many who do this on a regular basis even for an extended period of time. JIL Canada has declared that this is the "Year of Overflow" and we need to fill ourselves with spiritual things through prayer and fasting for manifestations of overflow to occur. Nothing overflows with an empty cup! Keep being filled with God's things and you will sure to overflow to others around you and with you. Begin to make an decision to seek and you will find. Get started now!!!!