Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mssion Trip -JIL Alberta

I would say the this trip would be one of the most memorable in terms of how Pastor Monette and I were concerned in ministry activities done. We spent two weeks ministering in two locations: JIL Edmonton and JIL Calgary hosted by Pastor Evelyn Licayo, the JIL Alberta Churches Supervisor with Pastor Amy Vilog as well. Of course we took this opportunity to insert some family bonding (and shopping!) but only after the ministry commitments were completely done.

Let me begin my update for the first week we were there: There were two nightly seminars (Thursday and Friday) done for JIL Edmonton Churches from JIL West 1, 2 and South Edmonton. There was a one day JIL 12 Summit for JIL Alberta Cell leaders attended by more or less 200 Cell leaders from Alberta Churches from 10am-7pm the next day (August 16). Pastor Monette and I shared the 3 lessons for the day. The encouragement to continue God's work in every churches were greatly emphasized. All were more than willing to do it for God's glory. The conquering spirit is alive and well!

The following day (Sunday) was JIL Alberta 21st Anniversary celebration with yours truly as their Guest Speaker with “Year of Conquest” as its chosen theme. The whole place was filled with joy and excitement to celebrate God’s faithfulness. God truly honored the celebration with His presence and favor all throughout. Praise the Lord!!! Congrats JIL Alberta for conquering!!!!!

Then, a one day Preachers Training Course was held in JIL West Edmonton Church facility from 10am-7pm accommodating more or less 60 attendees of JIL Alberta. It was such a fun time for all to learn and re-learn principles for effective preaching of God’s word. Also, Pastor Monette and I shared the 4 lessons for the day.

We were off to Calgary by Wednesday and conducted two nights seminar that day and Thursday focusing on the theme of “Partnership.” It was a two-part series of teaching that JIL Calgary Churches from the four congregations gathered to hear. Truly it was an opportunity to see the desires of the JIL people to grow in their partnership with God personally and corporately as a church. One of the many highlights was the prophetic gesture of unity to strengthen the leaders and congregation’s commitment to one another as they conquer different places with one vision and mission. Thanks very much to the JIL people for the fellowship you’ve shared in those two nights.

The next day we traveled back to Edmonton to prepare for the nuptial of Joal and Abigail. They’ve requested for me to do it and booked it last year. It was a very beautiful wedding of these precious brethren beginning from the entourage, ceremony, reception and up to the end. The whole atmosphere was charged with expectation for the next part. There were many surprising and unforgettable moments yet done with such elegance and care to the delight of everyone present. Congratulations again to both of you!!!!

Finally, the next day (Sunday) I was assigned to preach in West Edmonton 1 and 2 services respectively. I thank God for the strength and inspiration from God. It was such a wonderful time. Thanks JIL West Edmonton congregations for the time well spent. God bless you greatly!

But of course, my whole family is so grateful to the JIL people in Alberta for their hospitality, generosity and fellowship. My children commented that it was a special time for them not just they went to West Edmonton Mall specifically going to Galaxyland rides and swimming in the Waterpark inside the mall (Yes, there is a waterpark inside the mall!) but spending time with the other PK’s (Pastor’s kids). Thanks very much!!!!

It will be one of our ministry experience recorded as the most maximized yet fruitful two weeks. Everything was there. What could you say? But thanking the Lord for the great opportunity to serve Him this way. We left for Vancouver last Wednesday (August 27) preparing for the upcoming JIL BC Worship Camp from Friday to Monday. I will update you about this next time!!!! Thanks for reading!!!

Please visit: www.jilcanada.org under Alberta for pictures. Happy viewing!