Monday, September 22, 2008

Ministry Updates -JIL BC Events

The past two weeks for us was filled with major events: a special day for a senior couple, two JIL Churches' aniversaries and a baby dedication.

Last week, Tatay and Nanay Colocado celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in JIL Burnaby Church complete with all the trimmings from a wedding format to renew their vows with a fun-filled reception afterwards. This was the first time to have such a celebration and it was truly wonderful. Witnessing such longevity is a testament to God’s faithfulness of one of His greatest creation-marriage. God bless Tatay and Nanay for being an example to all of us through their marriage life.

The following day, we were off to JIL Victoria for their anniversary celebration. It was an excellent time to showcase what God has done in the past 9 years. Seeing the people who were there since the start and still serving faithfully provides great encouragement to all of us. I fully remember how we travel weekly to Victoria in those early pioneering years to provide guidance and leadership. Well, looking at them now, it was all worth it. Congratulations to JIL Victoria for reaching this far. Be ready for more!!!!

This past weekend, a child dedication was held last Saturday morning with one of the JIL Vancouver 1 Church member. One of the highlights was exhorting the parents and the sponsors of their responsibilities to provide direction and God’s principle for raising up a child. And being able to do such activity is a privilege to declare God’s glory.

During the afternoon, JIL Richmond celebrated their 10th anniversary. A decade of God’s faithfulness was declared to all who witnessed the celebration. The whole leadership was excited and brimming with joy as the celebration began. It was a simple celebration filled with exuberant atmosphere that showcased JIL Richmond’s desire to live God’s life. One of the highlight was the Kiddoz presentation of “Livin’ Inside Out.” Everyone was delighted to watch how these young kids shared through song and dance God’s principle of living a Christian life victoriously. High five to the JIL Kiddoz for an excellent job. Thumbs up to JIL Richmond leaders and workers for a job well done especially to Pastor Ben and Gina Pelayo for their untiring dedication and commitment to JIL Richmond’s growth. Congratulations, y’all!!!!

Finally, JIL Seattle had their quarterly Prayer and Healing Service yesterday and off we went with the whole family. I spoke on faith focusing on Moses’ encounter with God as His faith was built up through God’s manifestation of power. A special time of prayer was done to those who came to the front. The Lord honored the gathering and I believe that it was a great opportunity to plant God’s seed to the first-timers who came to attend the service. Thanks to the JIL Music Ministers from JIL Burnaby, Surrey Fleetwood, Newton and North Vancouver for their support. Pastor Raymund Dagampat and JIL Seattle leaders and workers have done an excellent job as well. Keep it up!!!!!

Now, we are preparing to pack for the upcoming trip to Manila for the 30th anniversary celebration of JIL Worldwide on Oct 5. Please pray for its success and God's protection as well.

Until next time……..