Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ministry Updates-JIL Canada Area Pastors Meeting

This past week (Sep. 8-12, 2008) was another round of the quarterly meeting of the Area Supervising Pastors and Regional Coordinators of JIL Canada composed of Ptr Evelyn Licayo, Area 1 (Alberta); myself as the Area 2 (British Columbia) and Regional Supervising Pastor (JIL Canada); Ptr Bong Gonzales, Area 3 (Ontario) and 6 (Quebec); Ptr Mary Juarana, Area 4 (Manitoba) and 5 (Saskatchewan); Ptr Rose Gonzales (WIN Canada); and Ptr Monette Navo (JIL 12 Canada).

Altogether, it was a week of discussion towards fulfilling the JIL MVV and strategies for JIL Canada. We had time for everything that will create a wholesome meeting to avoid stress and pressures. I believe we have done that in this quarter.

God was pleased as all of us did our role to ensure that JIL Canada will be aligned to God's mandate.

God bless you Partners in God's vineyard....See you again in Manila for the 30th Anniversary celebration of JIL Church Worldwide!!!