Sunday, September 19, 2010

JIL BC 20th Anniversary and A Night with Bro. Eddie and Sis. Dory Banquet Diner

This might be the longest blog so far. Please bear with me as you read it...

Thank you very much and congratulations to all JIL BC congregations, Pastors and Coordinators, leaders and workers for being part of what God has done in the past 20 years. You are a precious partner in the ministry of the JIL Church Worldwide. Your presence and prayers have made the celebration victorious and glorious. Having been at the beginning seems just like yesterday and to see how God has blessed this ministry this past 20 years is truly His work and for His glory alone! There's more to come!

The Anniversary celebration held at the new Vancouver Convention Center was the place to honour God's faithfulness towards us. He deserved the best place in this city to shower His Majesty with the adoration and worship of His people. The whole atmosphere from beginning to start was amazing and all aspect of the service was indeed designed to please our only audience of One. I believe that the glory was given to Him alone. Congratulations to all who have assisted and given their time and effort to make this celebration a truly historic one. Celebrating 20 years only come this time and it was all worth it. Thank you very much. It is God that will bless you mightily for honoring Him.

What made this celebration even historic and memorable was the presence of Bro Eddie and Sis Dory Villanueva together with their family. The last time they were here was during the celebration of the 10th Anniversary at the Michael J. Fox Theater. Having them in this gathering and double decade celebration being the spiritual parents of the JIL family was indeed a glorious one.

Congratulations to the recipients to the Award of Appreciation for being part of the early years of JIL BC since 1991. How the years have passed and you are a testimony to us all of your faithfulness to a Faithful God! We have all grown old together with God's youthful favour and fervour for God's ministry. We have all shared a vision to see this celebration and we have made it this far and will complete it until Jesus comes!

The Banquet Dinner was equally worth the attendance seeing many aspect of honoring the Lord and honoring His people who deserved it occurred. One of the memorable aspect was how every table had their picture taken with Bro. Eddie and Sis. Dory Villanueva. I had fun doing it with them going in each table. Although it was not an easy thing to do yet as the people enjoyed it, Bro Eddie and Sis Dory, like a newly married couple joyously went in each table having their pictures taken with the people they cherished and loved. It was a great time for all. They rounded up around 70 tables and it was such a wonderful time....Wait for the official rendering of the table pictures. You will like it, I guarantee!

This celebration have also become an opportunity for the ordination of Rev. Raymund Dagampat, Rev. Amy Vilog and Rev. Malou Quilitis who started from JIL BC and became Pastors as well. Congratulations! They are an exemplary model servants of God's Kingdom and genuine assets of the JIL Church Worldwide. I salute you!!!! They are an inspiration for me personally seeing them doing what God has assigned them to do. Truly remarkable achievements for God's glory alone.

Also, this celebration became an opportunity for the appointment of the New Regional Supervising Pastor of JIL Canada Region 2: British Columbia and Manitoba in the person of Rev. Mary Juarana. I am personally a witness of how God transforms His servants as mighty men and women for His glory alone. She has exemplified being a genuine servant of the Lord. Personally, she has been sent to where the Lord has opened the door to minister and there she will be without hesitation but with much dependence on the Lord for His mighty things. She will fulfill this new task with excellence. Congratulations for I know that the Lord will yield tremendous things for JIL BC in the next years to come....Be ready JIL BC!

Yet the Lord has something great reserved not just for the JIL Family Worldwide but for the JIL First family as well on the appointment of the new Full-Time CYN Pastor in the person of the youngest daughter of Bro. Eddie and Sis. Dory Villanueva, Edelisha Jovi Villanueva- Binalla. Hallelujah! Truly this is a historic celebration. Congratulations to the CYN International for having a Pastor like David that will fulfill her purpose for God's glory alone!

Last but not the least, I am filled with utmost gratitude for all of you that became part of JIL BC since the day you came and have partnered with us. Our joy as ministers of the Lord was to fulfill our calling. Ptr Monette and I are truly privileged to be of service to all of you whatever we can together with all the pastors, leaders and workers of this ministry. Thank you for your commitment to this journey. Another level is yet to come. Let's all be ready for it!

Together, let's lift up Jesus Is Lord over British Columbia!