Friday, September 10, 2010

JIL Ontario 19th Anniversary - Sept 12, 2010 @ MTCC, 12:00pm

It was 19 years ago when a small bible study started in Toronto by a group of JIL workers from Hong Kong emigrated to Canada as Contract Workers. They were also armed with a vision and passion to see the banner of Jesus Is Lord raised in this part of Canada. It was faith-filled actions that led them to gather and declare Jesus Is Lord and started God's work in the biggest city of Canada. Today, many churches and outreaches has been planted even in the neighbouring province of Quebec and New York as well.

Seeing first-hand how it has grown to where it is now, overwhelming joy is overflowing within me that God's favour and mighty blessings are upon JIL Ontario since then. Having been part of its life in the early stage provided greater inspiration to serve more the purposes of God in my life and others. Truly, it was a worthwhile journey towards great things. There is more to come!

With this, I congratulate JIL Ontario and JIL Quebec with its pastors, leaders, workers and every JIL people led by its passionate and vision-driven Regional Supervising Pastor Bong and equally outstanding wife, Ptr Rose Gonzales. The whole JIL Ontario and Quebec Churches and Outreaches are working together to see Jesus lifted up where they are and will do so until He comes. Keep up the good work as you seek to fulfill the JIL MVV!

Our prayer are with you for there are great things that the Lord has prepared for you....Watch out for it! God bless!