Wednesday, September 8, 2010

JIL BC 20th Anniversary

JIL BC Chapter has reached 20 Victorious years! It is only by the grace of God and His faithfulness with the JIL people's faithfulness that we have reach this far. This will be a glorious celebration. And your presence must be there to witness it.

The JIL BC Leadership believes that the best venue to celebrate it is at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It is a place that projects greatness and the Lord deserves it. He is worthy to be lifted up on September 18 by the JIL people from the different JIL BC churches converging to lift up one voice of praise.

That's why, in this important milestone, we have invited Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva, JIL Spiritual Director to minister to us on this very special occasion. Make sure not to miss it no matter what. This is our 20th year celebration and it will not be complete without your presence.
Don't miss it!

Whatever schedule you might have, find the time to be a part being a family member of the JIL Church. I guarantee that you will never leave empty-handed but filled with new perspectives for the next 20 years of our church life.

Let us see each other on September 18 @1:00pm sharp. Don't be late, there are many things in store. We don't want our Guest of Honor, the Lord Jesus Christ waiting. Come and be blessed! Bring someone along with you aside from your family. It will be a day that we will never forget!

God bless us all and see you there!