Monday, December 15, 2008

Personal Thoughts

Coming from Manila since October, the days thereafter were filled with many other activities. But they were all part of ministry activities that were necessary to do. However, it took its toll when I started coughing and having sore throat before the start of the Canada Pastors' Conference. Then I started to try the cough medicine "Buckleys." My goodness, the taste was really awful....but I believe it helped in relieving my problem and honestly, I don't think anyone could get used to the taste but it works, eh!!!

Yesterday, during my preaching assignment in Vancouver Churches, I had a hard time speaking due to remaining cough problem. Praise the Lord, I made it and finished it though with intermittent coughing. Well, the preaching assignment must go on. Thanks to Genis and he helped in doing the ministering before I preached in the afternoon.

Over-all, it was a great weekend. Though Jappy did not go to school today due to flu and I think the factor is the cold weather....

It is -6 in Vancouver today with -10 windchill and for us is really cold..brrrrr!!!

Hope that our really cold provinces will not be offended at my whining!!!