Monday, December 29, 2008

Unity in Action

Yesterday, a whole day was spent to pray, discuss and strategize what JIL BC Churches and Outreaches expect in 2009. The JIL BC Management Team composed of pastors, coordinators and other leaders sought the Lord and each other's insight to attain the best and possible strategy for 2009. It was such an important event that we've taken the time off from each respective Sunday services to gather at the JIL Canada Prayer House in Mission, BC before the year ends. Though there were many things to discuss but we've covered the most relevant and will continue on to other things next.

Part of it was the opportunity to create the best team to fulfill the JIL Mission, Vison and Core Values. For the best way to come together as one is literally to come together in one place and decide to become united through our spiritual connection and intentional acts to develop unity.

During our prayer time, we have received the word that "new wineskins from discarding the old wineskins..." must be adopted to become fully focused on 2009. The old things must pass away for all things to become new. This is the direction we will have for 2009 and overflow will be seen. There's more to come. Watch out!!!!