Thursday, December 18, 2008

Personal Thoughts

Praise the Lord and Jappy was finally well after just one day of rest and went back to school already. Yesterday, snow fell hard that caught many from Vancouver and neighboring cities quite surprised.

We need to cancel some appointments and just stayed at home and let it snow. My children are quite anxious as well if there will be school today. Just got an e-mail now announcing that their school is open.

Why do we want to take some off from school, I think it is just to have some mind break from academic pressures. No matter what, we just want to relax once in a while and snowy days are a good source of excuse. Oh yeah, there will be meeting tonight at church and I know some will be calling if there's any....let's wait and see.

Good thing that their school is just close by and the drive is only 5 minutes on a regular day. I will be shoveling some snow off the vehicle now and it will be cold, brrrr again!!!

Got to go now!!!!