Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Personal Thoughts


As you are probably aware, Canada has entered it first winter with a whallop of snowstorm....Last Sunday morning, the total accumulated snow where I am - Vancouver and surrounding cities was more than a foot of snow. But there were other places that experience worst than us...They said that this was the first time after many years that snow has affected Canada from coast to coast. Well, what can you do? I think many are praying for snow to come and it did!!! And a lot, too!!!

In other words, we got stuck and cant' leave yesterday to go anywhere. But it was good, though for I had the chance to catch up with some work and watched some videos for my distance course - Ecclessiology.

Good thing the snow stopped or just took a break and will continue again this Wednesday or Thursday, I'm not sure! Let's just wait and see!

I'll try to post pictures next time!!!!!