Monday, July 21, 2008

Anniversary- JIL Vancouver 2

Yesterday was a special day for JIL Vancouver Church 2 as they have celebrated their 1st Anniversary. This was a church born out of JIL Vancouver Church and formed another congregation with its own leadership and ministries. Though they share the facility with JIL Vancouver 1, they function as another church with their own identity in fulfilling the JIL MVV.

I have preached a message "Thanksgiving with a Grateful Heart" and spoke of three major principles to learn as listed below:

  1. When we give thanks for the past, God is recognized.
  2. When we give thanks for the present, God is revealed.
  3. When we give thanks for the future, God is revered.

I know in my heart that God has always something special for those that honored Him. I believe that JIL Vancouver 2 is one of them.

A special video presentation was shown to remember when they started including their Outdoor Thanksgiving celebration in the Prayer House and Retreat Center @ Mission, BC the week before. Genis Misola shared the Church Status update including their goals for the year. Pastor Monette Navo gave a stirring and encouraging greeting to all attendees as well. Every aspect of the gathering from the Praise and Worship Team to all participants including the leaders and workers was filled with exuberant joy and excitement as they celebrate their one year of being JIL Vancouver 2 congregation.

Congratulations to all the CMT and workers of JIL Vancouver 2. A job well done indeed for your 1st year!!! Keep it up and expect great and mighty things to come as you do it for His glory alone!!!!