Saturday, July 19, 2008

House Dedication and Family Gathering

It was a fun-filled night last night when I and my family (Monette, Jathniel and Alyssa) was asked by my youngest sister to pray for her condominium unit in Vancouver. The whole Navo siblings were present as Evelyn Navo -Villanueva came with her family from Calgary to be in this special occasion as well including Joan and her husband John, and Arlene. The affair was complete with all nephews (Brad and Nico) and nieces (Jalen, Elise, Samantha and Stephanie) except for my two brother-in-laws (Jay and Stefano) that were not there due to other appointments. Also, my parents (Jun and Amelia) and my parents-in-law (Tony and Flor) were there also in full support. After arrival, I shared the word and prayed for the whole family and specifically Eliza, the owner of the condo unit that I called a "mini-house" due to its small, compact size. Yet, it has a great view from the 7th floor we were in. Even the kids were into praying for her as seen in the picture (Stephanie carried by her Mom, Arlene behind Auntie Eliza praying also for her).

Completing the dedication with a special prayer for the house to be a house of blessing. Altogether, food was shared and everybody just enjoyed it with a great fellowship among the family. It was very nice and refreshing to be with the family that I love and cares for greatly. Thanks Butch for having us and a big congratulations for having a great, good-looking mini-house!!!!!