Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mission Trip - JIL Regina, Saskatchewan

Arriving last Friday, Pastor Monette and I had the pleasure of having a special dinner fellowship with JIL Regina leadership (CMT) sharing stories and laughter. The fellowship was great until it ended with a special picture taken before leaving home and it will not be complete without it.

The next day, a joint gathering of JIL Manitoba and Saskatchewan churches namely, JIL Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg 1 & 2 met for a day of JIL 12 Summit hosted at JIL Regina. Pastor Monette and I shared topics focusing on the evangelism aspect of the JIL 12 to reinforce the need for bringing people to the Lord. Three messages from 10am-5pm encouraging and strengthening the JIL people to fulfill the JIL Vision of evangelism. There were 12 vehicles that came from JIL Winnipeg driving for 6 hours one way. JIL Saskatoon brethren drove for 2-3 hours one way.

It was such a wonderful time to see the brethren taking the time and the trip needed to attend and participate for spiritual purposes and fellowship. God was present and manifested His favor after every session. The response of God's people to the challenges given was inspiring and exhilarating. Being surrounded with God's people that are hungry and thirsty for God's word and leading makes this ministry trip worth coming to. Nothing could match what God does in this kind of gathering. Altogether, more than 100 excited JIL people stayed throughout the day filling themselves up with God's word to bring home with them.

Today, a joint service was done as JIL Winnipeg and Saskatoon stayed overnight. I spoke on "Stepping Out to the Next Level." It was to show that God wants us to step out to the next level. Personally, I felt so much excited to speak to them what the Lord has given. I saw how the Lord honored the gathering with His blessing when ministering was done to those who responded to the call of stepping out.

I was very much encouraged to see how God was bringing growth in these churches. I sensed that it was a time of reaping after years of sowing. Breakthrough has come and growth is inevitable. I am very excited to see its manifestation in the coming days. Being with Pastor Mary Juarana, the Area Supervising Pastor for both province and Ptr Romy Cusay and his family, the JIL Pastor from Saskatoon together with the leaders, workers and JIL people is a reunion of sort to experience God's presence. Thanks for the fellowship and the many blessings you have poured out during our short stay! Wow! What a truly wonderful time.