Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Wedding to Remember

Yesterday morning, I had the opportunity to conduct the wedding of Marivic and Emil, members of the JIL Vancouver 2 Music Ministry. It was in a garden setting of a hotel in Vancouver under a gazebo. The whole atmosphere was charged with joy and excitement for the couple's special day. The full support of the brethren from JIL Vancouver 2 was overwhelming as part of the wedding either being members of the entourage, wedding preparations or as guests. The food was great and the reception program was fun-filled as well. It was day to celebrate a grand occasion.

Personally, I love weddings for it is one of those times that one could see a manifestation of God's miracle of union between two lives. It was an occasion to thank God for a miracle like this.

Congratulations to the newly-weds, Mr and Mrs. Emil Cruz. Our prayers are always with you for a long lasting marriage filled with God's blessings!!!!!