Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ministry Updates-JIL BC Events

Hello again!

Just to share some important ministry news this weekend. Yesterday, JIL North Vancouver had their outdoor celebration at the JIL Canada Prayer House in Mission, BC. It was a fun-filled day with games and sports activities. Led by Pastor Myra Paguntalan, the leaders, workers and congregation went with excitement to have a special celebration. My family and I went there to become part of their special event. Food was overflowing and excellently prepared with barbecue specialties done with joy. The ribs were especially tasty. The volleyball was cut short due to rain pouring around 3pm but over-all, from the time they came before the rain, many things have been accomplished. I believe they had fun nonetheless! Congratulations to JIL North Vancouver for your 4th Anniversary. Be ready for more great things!

Today, JIL Surrey-Fleetwood had their 1st Anniversary Thanksgiving Service and from the beginning to the end, God was present with His favor and anointing flowing to all who came. I have shared a simple message yet God was faithful in meeting the needs of His people who came to be ministered at the altar call. Their chosen theme, "Conquering cities through the proclamation of the Gospel" is significant to their intention of conquest for God's glory. Pastor Louie Figueroa gave a preview of what transpired in the previous months through a video presentation and shared the church status report that showed significant growth from its beginning. It was encouraging to see God at work with faithful people dedicated towards God's mandate. Of course, no event will be complete without provision of food after every event. Everyone was filled up with smile on their faces with contentment. Again, a big congratulations to all of you!!! Keep it up for there's more to come....

After which, the JIL Multi-Cultural (MC) Church conducted its first Sunday Service using the facility of JIL Burnaby Church with yours truly as the preacher. Pastor Ben Pelayo will be handling this church that aims to fulfill the JIL Vision, "A glorious church evangelizing and discipling Filipinos and all peoples of the world through teaching and preaching the full-gospel of the Lord Jesus." Its intention is to minister to non-Filipinos and Filipinos with Canadian culture that will provide a multi-cultural setting including an all-English vernacular as a medium of communication and conversation. Having a church that will provide a comfortable atmosphere for all attendees is our main priority. Altogether, it was an opening worth doing because it was a fulfillment of JIL Vision...

Thanks for reading...until next time!